If They’ll Do It For You, They’ll Do It To You

If you really want a loyal friend
Then find someone who’s loyal when
The friend they’re being loyal to
Isn’t you

If you want a friend to keep your secret
Find someone who will not gossip
Even if the one who asked them to
Is you

If you want a friend that you can trust
Then find someone who stays honest
Even when you wish they’d shade what’s true
For you

If you seek courageous friends to stand
Up for you when the need’s at hand
Find someone brave enough to stand
Up to you

The wrongs a friend will do for you
Show more than their support for you
They show what they can justify
Inside their minds, if they try
And if the tables turn—
Then someday you will learn
What they can justify to do
To you

If they can do it for you
Then they can do it to you
It’s really not about you
It’s what’s inside of them

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