Dream Small Is Now Available For Preorder

Most of you already know that I have written a book, titled Dream Small. I know the title sounds odd in a world obsessed with bigger and better, but the truth is that the things the world typically measures as bigger really aren’t better. There are better dreams to live for right in front of you, wherever you are. This book is about finding and living for those dreams, even if the world considers them small. I’m happy to let you know that Dream Small will release on the 1st of September (earlier than expected!), and that it is now available for preorder. Here a few of the places you can preorder it from:

The Good Book Company UK / USA

Teach Solas (Cork) / The Evangelical Bookshop (Belfast)

Amazon.com / .co.uk

I hope you will get a copy and engage with the ideas in the book on their own merits (if you do, I’d love to hear what you think!). I also know that I am a first-time author, which makes it harder to know exactly what you’re getting into if you decide to dive in. Maybe it will help to hear a few recommendations from people who have read the book already:

“This book took hold of me in chapter one and tightened its grip until, by the end, I was compelled to take up the challenge to ‘Dream Small’. I invite you to join me.” – ALISTAIR BEGG, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland; Bible Teacher, Truth for Life

“Fresh, invigorating, and liberating. May it be a blessing to all of us ensnared in idolatry of the big.” – CHRISTOPHER ASH, Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge; Author, Zeal without Burnout

“Dream Small is a needed antidote for our age. Seth Lewis re-centers us, reminding us that the great life is the faithful life. Reading this book was like spending an afternoon with a kind friend who brings you back to what’s good, beautiful, and true. I love Lewis’s writing style and stories and, most of all, his exhortation to be faithful in the small things, to love God and to love neighbor, to find freedom in dreaming small. If you have ever wondered, Am I getting this life right?, this book is for you.” – JEN OSHMAN, Author, Enough About Me, Cultural Counterfeits, and Welcome

“Humble, wise, insightful, and deeply personal, Dream Small is an excellent guide to the complex questions of life, giving sound answers grounded in the gospel.” – J. MICHAEL THIGPEN, PhD, Provost, Executive President, Pheonix Seminary, Arizona

“At its heart, the Christian Faith demands a transformation of our values; “Deny yourself”… “The first shall be last”… “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” While Christians know these things, so often we fail to live by them. This little book by Seth Lewis is a powerful reminder of their importance and a needed call to value supremely what ultimately matters to the God who made us and gives us every ounce of strength. In some ways, it is an easy read. But if we listen to what the Spirit is saying through this book, it is tough, for it demands being counter-cultural, even within the church.” – MICHAEL A.G. HAYKIN, Chair, Professor of Church History, Director of The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Author, Loving God and Neighbor with Samuel Pearce

“Dream Small is a quiet little volume brimming with overlooked greatness that peels back for us the delights of being an underwhelming collaborator with the true hero, who, in the field of his epic tale, has hidden for you to find, as Seth writes it, ‘the mustard seed kingdom that grows in the ordinary things of ordinary life.’” – SOTERIA THOMPSON, Visual Artist, Cross-cultural Worker, Draw From The Heart Art Studio, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“There is a deep and lasting satisfaction in seeing our dreams come true if, and only if, they are Christ’s dreams for us. Dream Small gives us the opportunity to realign our life and hopes towards the goals that God has for us rather than those our ego, upbringing or culture thrust on us.” – JOHN HINDLEY, Author, Serving without Sinking, Refreshed

“Dream Small isn’t an injunction to begrudgingly ‘settle’ but to pursue those things that bring lasting joy and ultimately glorify God. If contentment eludes you, let this small book encourage you to evaluate and refocus.” – DUSTIN BENGE, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Author, The Loveliest Place: The Beauty and Glory of the Church

“In an age of the cult of the big and spectacular, this book summons the reader to a radical reversal of common values. In a doctrinally imaginative and biblically-rooted way, Seth Lewis argues compellingly for a reassessment of dreams, priorities, and perceptions. This is a great book to give to anyone thinking about the meaning of life and what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.” – EDWIN EWART, Principal, Irish Baptist College

“Seth has written a very helpful meditation on the nature of true success, as defined in the Bible. I finished his book more excited about the value of small daily acts of mundane faithfulness and more wary of the tyranny of striving to achieve non-biblical dreams.” – MATT FULLER, Senior Minister, Christ Church Mayfair,
London; Author, Be True to Yourself

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