You Can’t Explain The World Without Poetry

Science has limitations. It can tell us what things are made of, but it has trouble telling us what they are made for. Sometimes, if you want to explain the world fully, what you really need is a poem. Most of my poems come to me while I’m walking home after dropping the children to school, looking around at the world and trying to see the familiar things that surround me for what they really are. That’s where these three came from:

The World

Some say they can explain the world
With formulas and diagrams
But science only goes so far
And then, the unexplainable
The depths of love, that endless sea
The stunning, intricate beauty
And this is why the world can be
Explained, only
With poetry


The sky is grey
But up ahead
A tree is burning
And all around the embers lay
A living firework display
Slow motion
Lingering for days
And yet in celebration says:
“My Maker is an artist true
And I a gift, from him to you”

A Willow

A willow is a masterpiece that turns the world around
While other trees lift up their leaves
The willow lets them down—
Cascading ribbons in the breeze
Like living streamers, if you please
Some say these are the weeping trees
But I think that they just might be
A party

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Explain The World Without Poetry”

  1. I love these poems you have written reflective of the places your feet take you every day. I heartily agree there is nothing that eclipses a poem in explaining this wonderful messy world

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