The Test // A Spoken Word Poem

There will always be the haters
The biters in the back
The baiters
The ones who only talk and never listen
And always know exactly what you’re missing
And what you should have done
And how
And who you should have done it with
And now
They share that knowledge
Free of charge
You’re off to college
The course is hard
And the test –

The test is impossible

You failed before you came
Before they even knew your name
See, it was never pass or fail
It was only fail
And the better you do,
The worse it is
The lower you go on their naughty list
They simply can’t admit success
In anybody but themselves
They have to be the number one
So any rival that might come
Will have to fail, see how it’s done?

It’s not personal, it isn’t you
It’s just the better that you do
The more you have to be outdone
They have to be the number one
But I’m telling you, son
Don’t take their test
Just drive on, boy,
And do your best
Yes, I know they’ll make you stressed,
But you can stand out from the rest
If when you get the chance, you
Don’t give them the test

Love them anyway, do your best
The sweetest thing in the world is forgiveness
So give them a taste of it, and if they refuse
At least it will be only them that lose
Whatever you’ve lost, you’ll keep your heart
And that’s a pretty good place to start –

You passed the test

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