You Don’t Have To Own It To Enjoy It

We found a rope swing near our house. It’s hanging from a tree that is not on our property, in a field that is empty and waiting for development. Our neighbours showed us how to find the path where people walk their dogs, where the one tree stands alone in the middle of wide open green—a green studded with more wildflowers than we would have thought possible.

It’s not our garden, but our children can run there.

Later, we heard (from the same neighbours, bless them!) about a little piece of land that sticks out into the estuary, almost an island, where our children started their new dead crab collection. It’s a nice quiet spot, and the stones are good for skipping.

The place isn’t for sale, and we couldn’t afford it if it was, but there’s a path we’re allowed to walk on and we can go there anytime.

Now that restrictions are lifting slightly, there’s an old mansion house nearby where the formal gardens are open to the public. No charge, except a couple of euro for parking. We can walk right through the gate, straight into another world where it wouldn’t be at all surprising to catch Mr. Darcy strolling with Elizabeth Bennet under the shade of the oaks. 

John the Magnificent built up that place to impress his friends, but he’s gone now, and we can walk in his garden whenever we like. We don’t even have to mow the grass.

In our own garden, a thousand times smaller than John’s, we have regular visits from a variety of songbirds. We can’t take them inside or name them, because they aren’t ours, but we can open the windows and hear their music.

It turns out that the richness of the world is not only for those rich enough to buy it. We don’t have to own everything to enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Own It To Enjoy It”

  1. Looking out on God’s creation, during this pandemic, I have seen the trees transform from bare branches to limbs now filled with leaves and beautiful blooms. The birds that were gone for the winter, have returned. All creation is glorifying the Creator, oblivious to the troubles of this world. Praise be to our God, who provides for all our needs, but never stops there. Blessings upon blessings He richly gives for our enjoyment.

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  2. We are so so blessed to be near places we can freely access and enjoy …the spring colours right now are amazing, the trees are so vibrant,and are there for our enjoyment…..😊

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  3. Seth, I don’t know you personally and I only found your blog through Tim Challies’ links, but I am so glad and thank God I found (and am subscribed to) this wonderful little blog. You have a very beautiful, concise and encouraging way of describing life’s beauties. Your writing is quite distinct from other Christian blogs I follow in that you drive home essential spiritual blessings without any preachiness or clichéd and overused points or metaphors. I often can relate to what you’re observing and saying and I feel God has already used your words in my personal life. Keep it up! I am always glad when I read your name in my inbox.
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

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