Walking Home

Richard Baxter lived 400 years ago, but he still was able to help me recently with some good advice. He wrote that God’s people should “take one walk every day in the New Jerusalem.” He meant that we should intentionally remember God’s promises, and live right now in the light of them. But I love the way he said it, and that’s where this poem came from:

Walking Home

In my mind
I walk the street
The golden street
That leads me home
And all around is
Peace and song
Within the gates
Where I belong

With joyful tears
I greet my friends
Until the golden
Pavement ends
And at the Throne
Where life begins
I know, at last
I’m home

And everyday
I take this walk
Inside my mind
Though now I find
My path is thorny
Rocky ground
But I can see
My destination
And I start my
Knowing that
This road will
Lead me home

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