Peace And Rest

After the busy, noisy celebration of Christmas, the slower pace and restfulness of this week between Christmas and New Year’s is refreshing. But if the good news we just celebrated is true, then peace and rest mean much more than a temporary time of relief in our schedule. There is a peace and rest available to us that is deep enough to remain even in the most hectic times, and secure enough to withstand the most severe troubles. This peace and rest came to us because of Christmas, but they are not presents—they are found in a person. That’s what I’ve tried to capture in these two poems:


“A peace that passes understanding”
Sounds divine—can it be found in
Daily stress and heavy burdens?
In this life, can peace be known in
More than just a fleeting moment?

“Peace I leave—not as the world gives”
Said the man who died—yet lives
And now he overrides the fall
With “peace on earth, goodwill to all
On whom his favour rests”

Oh Lord you are the Prince of Peace
And when our minds on you are fixed
Then perfect peace comes flowing through
Because the peace you give

Is you


“Take my yoke,” He said to me
“And I will give you rest.”

“But yokes are made for work,” I said
“Your plan are backwards,” I contest

“Yet I am with you,” his reply
“And will you still be stressed?”

I bend my neck into the yoke
And find beside me, Rest

2 thoughts on “Peace And Rest”

  1. Very good! Love the one about the yoke. I am guilty of skipping over the part about “learning from me” and go right to the “finding rest” for the soul, but we have to learn first. But oh the joy of that sweet and true and lasting rest!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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