The Story Behind “Dream Small”

Dream Small officially releases tomorrow. Finally. The process felt quite long. Probably because it was. The idea for the book started while our family was on a plan B staycation in the craziness of 2020. Sitting in a little Airbnb in the Irish countryside, I decided to look back over my posts on this blog to identify any common themes in my writing. If you’d asked me back in 2018 (when I started the blog) what threads would come out most in it, I’m sure I would have given you the wrong answer. Maybe that means I don’t know myself as well as I think I do, or maybe I’m changing. Probably both. Anyway, some of the themes I found were the basic ideas of what would become Dream Small. Over the next several months, with the help and good advice of others, these ideas crystallised into an outline and became a book proposal. In June 2021, I signed a contract with The Good Book Company. I’ve been a fan of TGBC for a long time, but my respect has only grown as I’ve seen their gospel-focused priorities in action in everything they do. The writing and preparing of Dream Small has taken two years, but we’re finally there—tomorrow! I’m excited to finally share this book with you!

To mark tomorrow’s release, I’d like to take this opportunity to look back at some of the things I’ve written on the blog over the last few years that complement ideas and themes in Dream Small.

Here are two short poems that try to capture ideas that are in the book:

The Song of Streams

The Day of Small Things

Here two posts about times in my life when I’ve learned something about dreaming small:

What I Saw On The Edge Of The Room (I tell this story in the book as well)

When I Lived In A Barn

And finally, a couple of posts about living for what matters most:

I Can’t Be Anything I Want To Be (And That’s Ok)

The World Needs Your Story

You can find out more about Dream Small and where to buy it here.

3 thoughts on “The Story Behind “Dream Small””

  1. I was blessed to be able to read an advanced copy and can thoroughly recommend this book, to those new in their faith, those firm in their faith and those who have yet to find Christ. Dream Small is a relatable and humorous guide, navigating the reader through a common challenge many of us face; living in a world which expects you to conform to ‘climbing the ladder of success’.

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