You Can’t Stand Still

You can’t stand still
 You’re always moving
  Toward the person 
   You’re becoming
    Life goes on
     And choices come
      And something grows
       With every one
        And something shrinks
         With choices, too
          Though maybe only slightly—
           But if you keep on making them,
            Daily, weekly, nightly,
             Then all the choices you lay down 
              Will start to harden and compound
               Will shift and rearrange the ground
                Construction work without a sound
                 Those small decisions will become
                  The path that you have paved
                   Directed by your choices—
                    What you lost and what you saved
                     And that’s the road where you will stand
                      For all tomorrow’s choices
                       And over time the world will see
                        Exactly what your course is

7 thoughts on “You Can’t Stand Still”

  1. Are you still in Northern Ireland? The Agape Puppet team is doing street shows in New Castle sharing the gospel. I thought you might enjoy connecting with them.



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