An Irish Christmas Selection Box

It’s Christmas week, and we’ve already ended up with more chocolate selection boxes than is good for us, which is traditional. I can’t share those with you, but I would like to share a selection box of some of the things I’ve enjoyed online from Ireland this Christmas season…

– Here’s an encouraging article from an Irish pastor about what God was doing through Mary’s visit to Elisabeth:

– Here are some photos of Christmas celebrations in Ireland from every decade of the twentieth century:

– This is a beautiful reading of the Christmas story by people in our adopted home county, Cork:

– Keith and Kristyn Getty (from Northern Ireland) have made a lot of great music over the years, and this Christmas album has become a traditional part of every December at our house:

– Here’s a flashback to a short poem I wrote about Good Friday, and why that holiday is exactly what makes Christmas something to celebrate – even (especially!) on hard years like this one:


It’s not from Ireland, but this is my favourite new Christmas song of the year. It’s been playing a lot in our house, which is in Ireland, and it will also be sung at our church’s Christmas Day service, so that’s a connection, right? The poem above tried to capture why Jesus came, and this song captures beautifully who he came for:

Wishing you and yours the joy of the season, even in these difficult times. Christ is born — Immanuel, God with us.

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