Commitment Is A Ball

Our world today is flooded with so many options in so many areas of life, from relationships to work to how to spend weekends. In a climate like this, long-term commitments can feel like little more than limitations on our freedom to choose. Then again, what good are a thousand options if we never choose one? That’s what this poem is about:

Commitment Is A Ball

Commitment is a ball
And chain
A weight to force you
To remain
Right where you are
And what about
The things you miss?
The other parties that exist?
The parties that you’ll never see
Because you are committed?

Commitment is a ball
And sends
The invitations to
Its friends
To come inside and
But then, of course,
You can refuse
And wait and wait and
Never choose
Because you might get
Something better
Then you’ll sit
Outside on fences
Peering in to glowing windows
Wondering how people live
Inside commitment’s ball

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