Something To Give

It’s counterintuitive, but it’s true: a generous soul is a rich soul, while those who only look after themselves actually end up impoverishing the very selves they work so hard to look after. We simply were not made for ourselves. The sooner we can get our heads around it, the better. When our focus shifts upward to God and outward to others, a whole new world opens up—a world of happiness beyond circumstance, purpose beyond self-gratification, and real, genuine satisfaction. I’m not saying life becomes easier this way (it’s more likely to become harder), only that it becomes better, by far. I tried to catch a little taste of that in this short poem:

Some find ways to smile
And sing in the rain
Some sit in the sunlight
And still complain

Some thank God for breath
And use it for prayer
Some drink in his blessings
And say he’s unfair

Some bear up the burden
And lend their hands
Some live in abundance
And shout demands

Some hearts see a blessing
As something to give
Some tighten their grip
For as long as they live

Some grab all they can
And still run out
Some give all they have
And are filled

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