A Personal Update

This week marks the third anniversary of my first post on this blog. It seems fitting that on such an occasion I can share some news with you that has been brewing slowly in the background for almost a year, but has just become official this week:

I signed a book contract on Monday with The Good Book Company.

The working title is Dream Small.

The basic idea of the book will be to flip the ladders of success over and show that a lot of the things the world around us considers big and important are just not, and a lot of the things the world overlooks as small and insignificant (like “the least of these” that Jesus spoke about) are in reality valuable beyond measuring. I’d love to tell you more about it, and I will as time goes on (it will be more than a year before the book is released), but for now I just want to ask you to pray for the writing process. Pray that this book will faithfully reflect and apply God’s word and God’s priorities to our dreams and ambitions. 

Thank you,


8 thoughts on “A Personal Update”

  1. Your previous blog posts have convinced me that you are the perfect author to write this kind of book! Many blessings for the writing process! I once read the book “Ordinary” by Michael Horton which in some ways has a similar theme (being faithful with the little), especially chapter 10 (“Stop dreaming and love your neighbor”). I really like this idea and think the world and me need to hear it again and again. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Seth! From reading and appreciating your blogs we will be looking forward to reading this book. We pray for God’s hand to guide you during the writing process
    Bill and Valerie

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