the ruins of the future // spoken word poetry

I’ve always loved poetry as a medium, always felt that somehow the structure and rhythm of it helps me feel the impact of the meaning of the words more deeply. Maybe that’s why there is so much poetry in the Bible. This year I’ve enjoyed trying out the added layer of doing poetry as spoken word. It’s obviously homemade, but here’s my attempt at capturing a few thoughts about legacy:

I’m living in the ruins of the future
Because nothing that I’m living in will last
The past
leaves ruins behind
To rot and remind
Of time long gone
And before long I’m gone
And what will I leave behind?
What will be there for people to find?
And if they remember me
will they be kind
Or will they tear my statue to the ground?

Who am I kidding?
I won’t have a statue
The few things that I do
Won’t measure up to
The greatness of heroes on horses
Of course it’s
questionable if
Some of them were heroes at all
So they fall
and we forget them
And those were the great ones!

For me, I might get a marker in a field with my name
Not a stone version of me receiving glory or shame
No one’s gonna hunt my artefacts or visit my museum
I’ve led no brave attacks reshaping the land

I’m living small
But that’s ok y’all
I’m standing tall
I’ve got it all
I know where I’ll be
when nations fall
When everything I see
Is a ruin

The future can’t hurt me
I have a Saviour who won’t desert me
Erase my name I won’t be
I don’t need
a statue
to perpetuate my legacy
My Jesus already promised he’d go and prepare a place for me

That’s enough

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